A stethoscope is 100% contaminated after 5 patient encounters


Once you're done, a ProtectiScope film comes off with ease and leaves no sticky residue behind on your stethoscope.

A ProtectiScope dispenser is hung on the walls of hospitals and patient rooms so that it's always there for your convenience.

We swipe all the time to unlock our phone and use our credit card. Now you can simply swipe to protect your stethoscope!


Annual cost of hospital-related infections each year


Easy to use

Number of healthcare-associated infections/readmissions annually 1.7M

No more need to hunt down the alcohol wipes. ProtectiScope is readily accessible, and takes virtually no time to use. 

We're redefining stethoscope hygiene to ensure that the stethoscope is one less infection risk every time a patient is seen.


Did You Know...

Stethoscopes have been investigated as areas of potential bacterial transmission since the 1970s. Studies have consistently found pathogenic bacteria that are commonly linked to hospital-acquired infections, such as C. Difficile and MRSA on the stethoscope. 

When a clinician is running around seeing 2-3 patients each hour during a busy 12-hour shift, they don't always have time to clean their stethoscopes. ProtectiScope allows doctors and nurses to protect their stethoscope despite their fast-paced environment.

We know there are plenty of options when it comes to stethoscope hygiene. Which is why we're not only claiming to be convenient to use, but incredibly cost-effective compared to our competitors. 



Rethinking Stethoscope Hygiene